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The name Kailas is derived from the name of the holy Tibetan mountain Kailash. Mt. Kailash rises out of the ground near the source of some of Asia’s longest rivers and is regarded as a sacred place by four religious. Every year religious pilgrims make the journey to Mt. Kailash, following the traditions of their ancestors dating back thousands of years.  The rugged terrain, high altitude and harsh weather all contribute to the difficulties of pilgrimage, but those who choose to take it on remain undeterred. The will to complete this spiritual journey is beyond imagination. It is an undertaking that expresses humankind’s search for freedom, which is the philosophy and passion Kailas lives by.


Kailas products currently range from climbing gear to outdoor sporting essentials. Kailas’ love and passion for climbing drive us to develop the most reliable, highest quality products with the latest technology.


Kailas shares the passion with the climbing community by proudly partner with IFSC, SCA, FFCAM and CAC. Since the founding of company, we have initiated multiple mountaineering and expedition projects, as the Yangshuo Climbing Festival, the Unclimbed Peak, Rock Searching, Leadclimb Mountaineering and Resource Center, and more.


We are rock-solid in promoting climbing and mountaineering worldwide, creating a better future for people in the great outdoors.